Test Driving At Devy Auto Park

One of the key was to determine how the vehicle you are looking at is the correct one for you is to take a test drive. In order to make the experience as good as possible, we now allow you to take the vehicle out for a test drive by yourself for up to one hour or 30 total miles.  We can still arrange for a salesperson to go for a ride with you as well if you would like for someone to be there to answer any questions you have about the vehicle.

The valuable time you spend in the car will allow you to go over all the features of the car in a comfortable setting. At Devy Auto Park, we want your test drive to be as helpful as possible and want the process to feel pressure-free and make the experience as peaceful as possible for the guest.

Please be sure that drivers bring their drivers license and insurance card if they wish to test drive a vehicle.  A salesperson will ask to make a copy of these items in order to process a temporary insurance card for any guest who wishes to test drive a vehicle by themselves.

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