Sell Your Car To The Park

Selling your vehicle to Devy Auto Park is a fast and easy way to turn your vehicle into cash! Bring your vehicle to the Park for an appraisal with our state-of-the-art market analysis tools and you will receive an offer in no time. If you decide you want to sell it to us, you will be able to complete all of the paperwork at the dealership and you can recieve a check! It’s that simple.

What will you need to bring?

1. All of the keys and remotes for your vehicle

2. The title or your payoff information

3. A current registration card

4. A state-issued photo ID for anyone who is on the title.
(Not everyone on the title is required to be there to get a quote, but may be required to be present to do the necessary paperwork).

Don't have time to come in? You can get an estimate by filling out our Trade In Form. If you have further questions, please call (724) 295-2171 or fill out the contact form to the right.

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