The Devy Ride Certified Program

Each certified vehicle undertakes a 177-point inspection followed by a extensive reconditioning process.  Not only are these vehicles carefully selected, but they also include many benefits compared to non-certified vehicles.  The program was designed to give you peace of mind in your purchase experience.  We outline many of the great benefits of purchasing a Devy-Ride Certified vehicle in this section.  If you have questions regarding this program, please fill out the contact form to the right or call (724) 295-2171 and contact a member of our sales team.



177-Point Certified Inspection

To insure quality, each Devy Ride Certified vehicle undertakes a rigorous 177-point inspection.  We want to be sure that our certified vehicles are not only safe, but are held at a much higher standard of quality than your typical dealership.  Each Devy-Ride Certified vehicle is inspected and reconditioned to insure that each one is held at a higher standard of quality.

30 Day / 2,000 Mile Warranty

Many of our Devy Ride Certified vehicles have remaining factory warranty already on them.  If they are no longer covered under the factory warranty, they are included with at least a 30 day / 2,000 mile limited warranty.  Most of our Devy-Ride Certified vehicles have upgrades available that can be immediately covered at your time of purchase for your peace of mind.

Haggle-Free Value Pricing

We take the stress out of buying a vehicle. One of the most stressful things about purchasing a vehicle is that most dealers price the vehicle high and expect you to haggle. This leaves you wondering if you are getting a good deal. On top of our low stress policy, you won’t have to waste any more of your valuable time negotiating a good price on a vehicle.

With Devy Haggle-Free Value Pricing all of the stress is gone. Devy Auto Park utilizes innovative tools to attain a detailed picture of the entire market and assess the vehicle at a great budget price to make your shopping experience worthwhile and stress-free. With over 100 years combined experienced, our team knows how to find the right cars and sell them at the right price. To create the best car buying experience, we find and stock the most desirable vehicles and price them well below the market.

We will proudly show you detailed information on the current market to assure you the price of the vehicle is of an exceptional value. Please see our PureCars reports listed on each vehicle listing for a full market and quality analysis of how each vehicle stacks up to others on the market.

We want to save you time, stress, and money.

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