The Devy Consignment Program


The Devy Consignment Program is an easy alternative to selling your vehicle outright.

Here's how it works:

A Devy team member will work with you throughout the process as a consultant in selling your vehicle. Together, you will identify any items that need reconditioning to make your vehicle more desirable. After your vehicle has been fully analyzed, you will be offered a consignment price that you will receive after your vehicle is sold.

If you decide you want to pursue selling your vehicle at Devy Auto Park, a $299 nonrefundable consignment fee will be collected. This fee covers the costs associated with the reconditioning and advertising of your vehicle thoroughly. It includes a full safety inspection, a full vehicle detail, and advertising on our network of automotive classified ads. Any reconditioning expenses will be discussed with you and must be paid for upfront.

After your vehicle has been reconditioned, we will make it available to be shown and delivered by our knowledgeable sales staff 6 days a week. When the vehicle is sold, we handle all of the paperwork and write you a check for the agreed upon price. Devy earns any profit above your agreed upon figure.

What will you need to bring?


1. All of the keys and remotes for your vehicle

2. Your title or payoff information

3. A current registration card

4. A state-issued photo ID for anyone who is on the title

5.  A valid insurance card for the vehicle being consigned

If you have any questions about selling your vehicle at Devy Auto Park, please fill out the form to the right or call (724) 295-2171 and one of our team members will gladly follow up with you.

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