Where are you located?

We are located at 230 Buffalo St., Freeport, PA 16229. For a map and directions click

How long have you been in the car dealership business?

Devy Auto Park is a product of Devereaux Motor Sales..  Devereaux Motor Sales has been family owned and operated since 1923 and is one of the oldest dealership companies in the world.  




Can I hold a vehicle on your lot?

Yes. You can hold a vehicle on our lot. Please contact our sales staff by calling (724) 295-2171 or using the Quick Contact form to the right of this page. We ask that you place a non-refundable deposit of $100 on the vehicle if we need to hold it. This deposit covers the expense of holding the vehicle while it prevents potential buyers from purchasing the vehicle.  The hold is good for 3 days.  The deposit helps us cover costs of keeping a car in our inventory including insurance, maintenance, cleaning, and other overhead costs.

Is there a warranty on your vehicles?

Yes, many of our vehicles are still covered under the manufacturer’s comprehensive warranty.   provide warranties with vehicle unless the vehicle is being sold As-Is. All Devy-Ride Certified vehicles are guaranteed to have a 2,000 mile/1 month limited warranty.  Almost all of our vehicles are eligible for upgraded coverage based on your unique driving habits.  You do not have to return to Devy Auto Park to have your warranty work done under these service contracts.

Can I haggle on the price?

With our Haggle-Free Value Price, you will be receiving an amazing deal every time you step foot on the lot. But you will be pleased to know you do not have to deal with the pitfalls of haggling. This will save you time, stress, money and make your purchase experience as smooth as possible.

What is the delivery prep fee?

There is no delivery prep fee at Devy Auto Park.

Why are your cars so much less expensive than similar vehicles that your competitors are offering?

We price all our cars using an in depth system that allows us to assess the current market for that car and price it low to save you money.  While traditional dealerships are focused on making the most gross profit per deal by using psychological negotiation tactics, we are focused on turning our inventory as quickly as possible by advertising the best price on each car.  This means that we are making less money per deal, but are selling more vehicles to make up for it.

What does Devy Ride Certified mean?

Devy Ride Certified means the vehicle you are buying undertook a rigorous inspection by our certified technicians, comes with a 2,000 mile/1 month warranty, and has went through our rigorous reconditioning process.  

How can I schedule a test drive?

You can schedule a test drive on the inventory section of the website, by filling out the quick contact form to the right, or you can call our sales department at (724) 295-2171.

Can I go for a test drive without a sales person?

We encourage you to take a test drive without a sales person so you can get the most out of your test drive. Some customers prefer to experience the test drive with a sales person and that can be accommodated at the request of the shopper.


How can I receive an appraisal of my vehicle?
We would gladly appraise your vehicle at your convenience. Bringing your vehicle to the dealership is the easiest and most accurate way to have your vehicle appriased.  If you live out of the area or you don’t have time to stop in, we can very accurately give you an appraisal online or over the phone.  
If you wish to have your vehicle appraised without coming into the dealership, please visit the Free Appraisals Page of the website or contact our sales department at (724) 295-2171.

Do you buy vehicles?

Yes. We are willing to buy your vehicle. The vehicle must have been appraised in the last seven days by one of our certified appraisers.   Selling your car to Devy is the fastest and easiest way to turn your vehicle into cash.  Some vehicles are also eligible to be sold under our consignment program.  Please see our consignment section for more details.

Do you offer a consignment service for my vehicle?

Yes, if you have a vehicle that you would like to sell, it may qualify to be sold under our consignment program.  We ultimately sell your vehicle for you, so you don’t have to worry about the hassles of selling your vehicle outright.  Please visit our consignment section for all the information you need to have your vehicle sold on consignment, and if you still have questions use the quick contact form on the right to send us your questions.


Do you offer financing?

Yes. We offer a variety of financing options that will fit most budgets, credit scores, and consumer’s needs. For more information on our financing process please visit the financing section of the website, use the quick contact form to the right to ask any questions, or call a sales person at (724) 295-2171.  

How does your financing process work?

It is a good idea to determine a monthly budget guideline, the amount of money you would like to put down on a vehicle (if you want to put money down on the vehicle), and the appraisal value of your trade (if you are trading in a vehicle). Our sales and finance department will work everything out with you in as little amount of time as possible. If you have other questions on the financing process, please feel free to contact our sales or finance department at (724) 295-2171, or fill out the Quick Contact form to the right side of this page.

What financing companies do you work with?

At Devy Auto Park, we work with First Commonwealth Bank, M & T Bank, Citizens Bank, Capital One, Ally Bank and many others. For more information on the financing companies please contact our sales department at (724) 295-2171, or fill out the Quick Contact form to the right of this page.

Do I have to have a down payment?

A down payment is not required for purchasing a car, but banks do appreciate the positive equity in your purchase and may require a down payment under many circumstances.  For more detailed information, please contact a trained member of our sales staff to discuss your personal situation.    

How can I get pre-approved for credit?

By filling out our finance application, you are able to get pre-approved for credit. Visit our Finance Application section of the website to electronically fill out the application and get pre-approved for financing.  For more information about being pre-approved please call our finance department at (724) 295-2171, or fill out the Quick Contact form with any questions you may have.

What do I need to know if I want to get financed?
You should know your budget and personal information for the finance application, title and/or lien (bank) information of the trade-in (if you owe money on your vehicle).

Do you offer warranty coverage upgrades?

Most of our vehicle are eligible for service contract upgrades.  The good thing about a service contract is that it gives you a lot of options.  While warranties come with the vehicle, a service contract can be transferred to the next owner, or you may be eligible for a credit if your vehicle is traded in or is sold to someone else before your coverage expires.  You can also be catered to meet your driving habits, where you drive a lot or not.  There are numerous benefits to upgrading your coverage that may include roadside assistance, rental coverage and much more. We go over all of these options with you whenever you decide to purchase a vehicle.  If you would like more information, please contact our sales department at (724) 295-2171 or fill out the Quick Contact form to the right side of this page.  

How can I sign up to receive information through e-mail?

You can fill out the form provided after clicking the following link.

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